Mavericks Legal Services’ Advantage

At Mavericks, we offer a unique approach to fighting your traffic tickets and driving charges. Our team, including the founder of Redline Legal Services, are seasoned legal professionals with years of experience in defending clients who are facing impaired driving charges, careless or stunt driving charges, as well as traffic tickets. While other legal service providers may simply use paralegals and cookie-cutter defence strategies, Mavericks Legal Services creates a completely custom defence strategy for each of our clients, and seek to win your case outright – not simply lower your charges or your penalty.

While our competitors who employ paralegals are not legally allowed to defend impaired driving cases, Mavericks can help you fight your charges. With a lawyer on your side, we can create the best possible defence for you. In fact, it is our goal to take every step available to us under the law to win your individual case.

The Mavericks team is well-known for our dedication, innovative defence strategies, and commitment to achieving an excellent outcome for our clients – whether they are facing traffic tickets, careless driving charges, or a more serious impaired driving charge.

If you are facing any type of driving charges, trust Mavericks Legal Services to get the job done – right.

A Note to Prospective Clients…

Todd Brown

Dear Prospective Client,

My name is Todd Brown. For nearly 30 years I have been defending people like yourself in Ontario’s traffic courts. My perspective and unique skill-set is shaped by my experience as a defence representative – but I have worn other hats too. I have spent time on the other side of the courtroom as a Provincial Prosecutor, participated in a multitude of educational programs and seminars, and I have significant experience in litigating Provincial Offences Appeals. Some of my professional accomplishments as a career paralegal are listed below.

My experience, drive and determination are second to none. My partners and I here at Mavericks are wholly committed to your success in court. Get in touch today and discuss your case for free.

Todd Brown

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