Fight Your Ontario Demerit Points Ticket

Demerit points in Ontario are designed to hold drivers accountable for their driving behaviour. Many types of traffic violations are assigned a particular number of demerit points, ranging from zero, up to seven points for just one violation. Accumulating too many demerit points in Ontario may result in the loss of your driver’s license, and multiple convictions will have a real impact on your insurance premiums.

If you do not fight your ticket, this, along with your demerit points, will remain on your driving record. If you accrue a large number of points, you may be facing an interview with the Ministry of Transportation or have your license suspended. Your insurance company may also choose to increase your payments, due to their perceived risk in insuring you. They may even refuse the renewal of your policy.

Mavericks Legal Services can help you fight a ticket and prevent any associated demerit points from becoming a part of your record. Our expert legal team will work with you to understand your specific situation, and create a unique defense strategy to fight your ticket and win your case. Don’t wait to fight that ticket – Mavericks is here to help!

If you have received a traffic ticket that comes with serious implications such as demerit points and license suspensions, turn to Mavericks for legal advice today. Call us at 289-807-5142 for a free consultation with a driving ticket expert.

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