Driving Without a License or Insurance

Were you found to be driving without insurance in Ontario? It’s important that you seek legal advice on how to proceed with these charges, since the consequences can be serious. The fine for driving without insurance in Ontario is $5000, plus an additional surcharge of around twenty percent. You may also be facing a license suspension.

Similarly, driving without a license in Ontario comes with a hefty fine. If you are found to be driving unlicensed or with an expired license, you can expect to pay a fine of $260 or more. In either case, driving without insurance or a license can have an impact on your wallet as well as your ability to drive and can even affect your future insurance premiums.

Why Choose Mavericks to Handle Your Case?

It is in your best interest to consult a team of legal professionals who specialize in Ontario driving without insurance and driving without a license charges. Mavericks Legal Services understands the ins and outs of defending no insurance tickets and no license tickets in the GTA. We’ll fight alongside you to protect you from the hefty fines and other potential penalties that come with driving without insurance or a license.

Most importantly, Mavericks never uses a cookie-cutter defence strategy with the goal of having you plead guilty to a lesser charge. We put together a creative defence with the goal of winning your case outright, aiming for the best possible outcome for each of our clients.

Don’t let your driving charges impact your ability to drive, your finances, or your ability to obtain insurance. Contact Mavericks today to find out how we can help you achieve success in court.

Fight Smart. Never Give Up.