Over 80 Charges in Ontario

If you’ve been charged with an “over 80”, this means that your blood alcohol concentration was measured as being over .08 percent when analyzed by a police officer or technician at the time of a vehicle stop. It also means that you could be facing a complex legal process as well as criminal charges.

Because over 80 charges are based on the readings of a scientific instrument, the way these cases play out can be very different than other types of impaired driving cases. However, the science of breath tests are not exact, and the breath sample must be obtained and analyzed by qualified technicians. Therefore, there are many opportunities for issues to arise throughout the process of analyzing your breath sample, and many avenues that your lawyer can explore to impact the outcome of your over 80 charges.

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Why Choose Mavericks to Handle Your Over 80 Case?

Consulting a lawyer who specializes in beating over 80 charges and has the technical knowledge required is key to ensuring that you have the best possible defence. At Mavericks, our in-house impaired driving lawyer, Adam Little, has years of experience in successfully defending over 80 charges in Ontario. Adam won’t simply use a cookie-cutter defence to have your charges reduced. Instead, he will put together a strategy custom-tailored to your specific case with the ultimate goal of winning your case.

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