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Traffic Ticket DefenceMavericks provides some of the most effective defence representation available in Ontario – period. Speeding Tickets, Stunt Driving Charges, Racing, Careless Driving Accidents, Fail to Remain at the Scene of an Accident, Operate Motor Vehicle Without Insurance and Drive While Under Suspension are common charges with serious consequences for the driver who is unfortunate enough to be convicted. However, Mavericks offers a free consultation so contact us now for some peace of mind.

Call us now to discuss the charges you are facing, the potential penalties and the defence strategy that will work best for you.

Mavericks is Ontario’s premier firm for contested Highway Traffic Act matters. Fight Smart. Never Give Up.

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Advanced Traffic Ticket Defence Strategies

Call us for representation at 289-807-5142; we specialize in motor vehicle collisions, technical trials and other complex cases. No case is too big or small. And don’t forget, the planning process starts well prior to the court appearance so if you have been charged with a motor vehicle related offence, Contact us us for a free consultation.

Fight Smart. Never Give Up.